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Change State was founded with a compelling new vision of what businesses should expect from their recruitment marketing agency. Our in-depth knowledge of HR technology, combined with recruitment marketing techniques rooted in a deep understanding of emerging trends in advertising, allow our clients to take the next step in their HR digital transformation.


Recruitment Marketing

Our goal is to elevate your recruitment marketing agency from a mere manager of advertising dollars to a partner across all aspects of talent acquisition. We work with organizations that need expert advice on marketing strategies to attract the next generation of talent where they live. Online.

Talent Insights

Effective recruitment marketing begins with a clear understanding of what your happiest employees love about working for you. Is it your competitive base pay? Work-life balance? Benefits? Supportive leadership? Training opportunities? Something else entirely?

Glassdoor Analytics

Your Glassdoor rating can have dramatic effects on your ability to attract top talent, yet knowing how to boost your rating can be frustrating.

Recruitment Process Optimization

We love talent acquisition, but we’re not huge fans of the game of buzzword bingo currently dominating our industry: Future-Proof. AI. Machine learning. Gamification. The list goes on.
Cutting through the jargon and empty vendor promises can be a huge distraction from the pressing work of attracting your organization’s next generation of top talent. Who’s got time for it? We do!

Voice By Change State

Voice by Change State is a candidate experience tool that allows you to simply and scalably evaluate your company’s hiring process. Sign up to be the first to experience Voice. We'll let you know as we move into launch! In the meantime, you'll receive updates on our fast-moving product.

Other Services

Change State is committed to being a true partner to our clients, which sometimes means stepping outside of our standard service offerings. Whether you need guidance finding the right HR tech, or development of a new career site, we've got you covered. Drop us a note to see how we can help.
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“Huge kudos today on the executive call on the tremendous improvements on our cost per hire…we are setting growth records at fractions of what we previously spent!!! Thank you both for making my job easier!!!”

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