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Episode 21: Hiring at Scale—How AI Can Enhance Screening and Reduce Bias

This week we welcome Prem Kumar to the podcast. Before co-founding Humanly, an Y Combinator-accelerated startup focused on improving the efficiency of candidate screening, scheduling, and engagement at scale, Prem spent ten tears at Microsoft, where he was responsible for delivery and operations of all software initiatives for the organization’s HR portal. He also served as Director of Product at TINYpulse, an employee survey and engagement platform.

Episode 7: Unpacking Gem’s 2020 Recruiting Trends Report

This week we discuss Gem’s recent “2020 Recruiting Trends Report.”

Topics include: the continued dominance of LinkedIn as a sourcing tool, the lack of basic email click and open tracking among recruiting teams, why a majority of TA leaders don’t think they need to understand “marketing” to do their jobs effectively, the connection between employer brand and marketing, the challenge of finding quality candidates when speed (e.g., time to hire) and cost are often the dominant metrics against which recruiters are measured, the prevalence and future growth of CRM’s, the top initiatives for TA leaders for the remainder of 2020, and the growing importance of data-driven recruitment marketing practices.