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This week we welcome Jody Ordioni to the podcast. Jody is Chief Brand Officer of Brandemix, founder of Achieve Engagement, and author of The Talent Brand, and award-winning book on structured approaches to brand building.

Topics include: the value of viewing consumer and talent brands holistically, the limitations of content-first approaches to talent branding, the distinction between “employer” brand and “talent” brand, how strong talent brands build equity for their consumer counterparts, the importance of getting beyond internal “hunches” when defining an talent brand, why employee surveys are foundational to structured talent brand initiatives, how good surveys support employee engagement, the key characteristics of a strong talent brand, why HR (and talent brand) has historically been viewed as a cost center, how to measure ROI of talent brand with “business” metrics, the connection between recruiter performance metrics and talent brand health, and the connection between diversity and inclusion efforts and talent branding.


Jody Ordioni

Website: Brandemix
Book: The Talent Brand
Achieve Engagement

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