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This week we welcome Morgan Llewellyn to the podcast. As a trained data scientist, Morgan shares his wealth of experience from a career spanning multiple industries, with stints at Salesforce, Predictive Partner, and eventually Jobvite, where he currently serves as Chief Data Scientist.

Topics include: the history and purview of “data science,” how the explosion of available data in recent years has increased the demand for data scientists, the challenges and opportunities presented by this new wellspring of “big data,” the importance of keeping analysis rooted in specific business problems and use cases, the different forms of bias that exist within the recruiting function, how seemingly minor differences in job descriptions and skill requirements can have significant effects on the types of talent an organization attracts, how AI can help organizations identify biases within recruitment processes (and what to do about them), approaches to addressing D&I by expanding talent pools, and logical starting points for organizations newly focused on identifying and correcting biases in their systems and tools.


Morgan Llewellyn

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