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This week we welcome Ed Pedini to the podcast. Ed has worn numerous hats in the HR space, from practice director at an RPO helping start-ups scale their workforces, to Co-Founder of, an employee experience solution, to his current role as Director of Customer Success at SeekOut, an AI-powered sourcing tool for recruiters. 

Topics include: how establishing recruiting processes is different for start-ups than for established organizations, the “oil tanker effect” larger companies face, the value of data and analytics, why candidate experience remains low priority for many organizations, the importance of seeing the emotional dimension of job applications from the candidate’s POV, how to provide great candidate experiences even for applicants who are not offered a job, how to move past the “cost-center” mindset surrounding recruiting, the ways in which job boards have become victims of their own successes, the distinction between EVP’s that “repel” talent vs. encourage talent to “self-select” into an organization, how legacy ATS’s have failed to adapt to modern recruiting practices, and why pre-hire technology often fails to understand the workflows of its core users.


Ed Pedini

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