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This week we welcome Adam Gordon to the podcast. Adam’s career in talent acquisition spans more than twenty years, from his early days sourcing accountants as a frontline recruiter, to a stint at PWC as a consultant in the organisation’s HR practice, to his current role as Co-Founder and CEO of Candidate.ID. 

Topics include: the meaning of candidate nurturing, how to apply the marketing concept of “total addressable market” to recruitment, why cold sourcing talent is generally inefficient, the similarities and differences between consumer purchases with long purchase cycles and job searches, considerations when balancing the “long-tail” of candidate nurturing against the immediate needs of filling open roles, how to find bandwidth on TA teams to (re)allocate to candidate nurturing activities, why toddlers are prone to interrupting podcasts, how to set realistic expectations for ROI on nurturing tools and campaigns, why recruitment CRM’s often fail to deliver value for candidates and TA teams alike, and the redundancies that exist between ATS’s and CRM’s.


Adam Gordon

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