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This week we welcome Bas van de Haterd back to the podcast (our first repeat guest!). Bas proudly identifies as a “professional snoop” — a title that captures his more than 15 years of experience as an HR consultant, candidate assessment and experience expert, and frequent conference speaker.

Topics include: the problems with using questionnaire-based assessments in recruiting, why game-based assessments are more accurate for testing cognitive skills and assessing personality traits, the difference between conscious and unconscious “bias” in candidate self-perceptions, how our frame of reference influences our perceptions of ourselves, how pre-screening technology can reduce bias in assessing job candidates, the parallels between assessing “chemistry” in romantic relationships vs. business relationships, the meaning and implications of application order bias, how pre-selection technologies can help reduce application order bias, the difference between true AI and “explainable” AI, the concerns about relying on AI to make “black box” recruiting decisions, and how using employee performance data to predict future-hire performance can perpetuate existing bias within an organization.


Bas van de Haterd

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