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Episode Description

This week we’re guest-free and discuss the nominees for Recruiting Brief’s MVP award in the category of employer branding, as well as Glassdoor’s new “Review Intelligence” offering.

Topics include: the impact of COVID on employer brands, the ways in which our predictions in March proved (in)accurate, whether an organization’s pandemic response is a basis for a differentiated employer brand, the rise of remote work and its effects on company culture, the evolving meaning of “work-life balance,” the importance of creating processes and frameworks to reinforce an organization’s commitment to its employer brand pillars, how employee referral programs can be misleading indicators of employer brand health, the importance of combining NPS with other employee satisfaction metrics, the ways in which virtual meetings have deepened employee-employee connections, the evolution of employee wellness initiatives during COVID times, and our early impressions of Glassdoor’s new “Review Intelligence” offering.

Website: Recruiting Brief’s 2020 MVP Awards
Blog Post: Employer Branding During Crisis: Our Early Thoughts About the Road Ahead
Article: The Essential Guide to Employer Branding in 2020
Article: 9 Best Employer Branding Examples in Times of Change

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