Change State


Episode Description

This week we welcome Mahe Bayireddi to the podcast. As a member of Forbes Technology Council, Mahe has co-founded multiple startups, including BHSP Nexus Software Consulting, BijaHealth, SnipSnap, and most recently, Phenom, where he currently leads as Chief Executive Officer.

Topics include: why effective leaders must be effective recruiters, Phenom’s audacious goal of helping one billion people find the right job, the importance of viewing talent acquisition and talent experience management from a global perspective, the value of seeing the big picture when thinking about workforce diversity, why focusing on D&I with hiring managers (the “interview” stage) can be more effective than focusing on frontline recruiters, approaches to setting realistic D&I goals and measuring progress by industry or role grouping, how to use AI to identify opportunities for improving D&I across all stages of the funnel, the concern about amplifying an organization’s existing biases with “black box” AI systems, and the future of remote work in a post-pandemic economy.

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