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This week we welcome Carina Clingman to the podcast. Carina Clingman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Recruitomics Consulting and Co-Founder of the Collaboratory Career Hub.

With her team of PhD-level scientists, she assists startup biotechs in establishing robust, data-driven talent strategies, enabling them to scale smoothly. In the Collaboratory, Carina and the team guide candidates through the complex maze of a biotech job search, building community and providing professional development and mentorship along the way.

Topics include: the advantages (and disadvantages) of having recruiters with deep subject-matter expertise, why hiring the wrong person can be particularly costly for startups, the inherent tension between the speed and quality of hires, how the lens of “NOT hiring” can lead to better outcomes for early stage startups, the emerging concept of “fractional” hires, the difference between “fractional” hires and freelancers and consultants, the pros and cons of fractional positions from the candidate’s perspective, and the impact of AI on biotech and the jobs of the future

Carina Clingman

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