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Economic Update

Change State Economic Update – January 2024

Change State Friends,

✨Happy New Year! ✨

We hope you enjoyed your end-of-year celebrations and are looking forward to a fantastic 2024 ahead! Now is the time we typically take stock of things we’d like to leave behind in 2023 and set intentions or goals for the year ahead.

Change State Economic Update – November 2023

It’s (finally?) fall, y’all. The weather has been bouncing around here in Denver – from 80 degrees, to snow, and back again twice in the last two weeks. Hopefully, the weather where you are from has settled into a more predictable pattern, and you’re enjoying the cozy feeling of fall, whatever that means to you.

Change State Economic Update – October 2023

First things first – I wish a spooktacular October to all those who celebrate. Did you know that the origin of the “trick or treat” tradition may have emerged from an older Germanic Christmas custom where children would disguise themselves and shout “belsnickel!” to attempt to procure …

Change State Economic Update – August 2023

I hope you are staying cool this summer, despite record temperatures, well, everywhere. What are you cooking, then, when it’s too hot to turn on the stove? A viral pasta salad, perhaps? If you are in need of inspiration, however, I’ve got a recipe for you.

Change State Economic Update – July 2023

Happy July! Do you have a theme for the summer? For the remainder of this season, I’m determined to have a “slow summer”: trying to delay time a bit after these last few all-too-brief months and instead recall the long, lazy summers of youth.

Change State Economic Update – May 2023

A Happy Friday to you, here from (unusually) rainy Denver. As ever, we have much to discuss today with a persistently robust jobs report alongside shockwaves running through the financial sector and a brewing federal debt ceiling crisis (!). Never a dull moment, covering the US economy these days.

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