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Episode Description

This week we discuss Google’s announcement of its plans to disrupt the higher education market by offering skill-focused certifications for as little as $49/month. We also announce our new initiative,, for bringing equal opportunity jobs to underrepresented talent where they already “live” online.

Topics include: the fundamental issues facing American higher ed, the stigma attached to online education, how traditional degrees may (or may not) retain their value in the job marketplace, the inherent recruiter bias against non-degree candidates, the current state and limitations of diversity job boards, the gaps left by creating job boards as destinations, the meaning of “candidate-centric” when it comes to diversity hiring, how to bridge the gap between equal opportunity employers and community organizations, the connection between “inclusion” and employee upskilling, and how providing career paths that lead outside your organization can help create a compelling EVP.

Article: Google Has a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree


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