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Episode Description

This week we share our thoughts on the recent announcement regarding the Glassdoor/Indeed partnership, and discuss the results of a recent poll we conducted regarding LinkedIn’s Workforce Diversity Report.

Topics include: what we know about the new Glassdoor/Indeed partnership, the migration of Glassdoor sponsored jobs to Indeed, what is likely to happen to existing Glassdoor sponsored jobs packages, the implications of the partnership for job aggregators and the candidate experience, the future of Glassdoor (and Indeed) ratings, likely scenarios for the merging of reviews from both sites, the potential impact on staffing companies and RPO’s, unanswered questions about quick/easy apply and ATS integration, LinkedIn’s lack of minority representation in its leadership teams, how labor market statistics can provide a benchmark against which to measure D&I efforts, the connection between under-represented employee groups and educational attainment, the value of publicly sharing an organization’s D&I statistics, the difficulty of connecting minorities with forward-thinking employers, and how employer can meet under-represented “where they live.”


Press release: Glassdoor and Indeed Partner to Help Employers Hire More Efficiently

Article: 2019 LinkedIn Workforce Diversity Report

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