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Episode Description

This week we start the show with a continuation of our ongoing discussion of candidate experience, and end with a deep-dive into our recent blog post, “Diversity and Inclusion Is Not an Employer Brand Strategy.”

Topics include: how job aggregators negatively impact the candidate experience, why Glassdoor has paused its job board partnership program, why quantity has historically trumped quality with regard to job board traffic, alternate job board revenue models that prioritize candidate experience, the four key qualities of a strong EVP, why diversity and inclusion is not a basis for a differentiated employer brand, how strong EVP’s are inherently exclusionary, the apparent tension between a strong EVP and D&I efforts, and the question of whether D&I is a “table stakes” dimension of employer brands.


Blog post: Diversity and Inclusion Is Not an Employer Brand Strategy
Book: Give & Get Employer Branding: Repel the Many and Compel the Few with Impact, Purpose and Belonging

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