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Episode Description

This week we welcome Elliott Garms to the podcast. Elliott’s career in talent acquisition dates back to childhood, when he helped run his father’s executive search business out of the family basement. Much has changed since these early days of manually inputting paper resumes into a then-new-fangled system called an ATS; Elliott went on to found or co-found numerous tech recruiting ventures, including Tech in the Middle, HubFunnel, Dev Bootcamp,, and most recently, humanpredictions, a comprehensive database of tech talent that leverages public data to help clients find tech talent outside of LinkedIn.

Topics include: the importance of bringing timing to sourcing, public vs. private “signaling” as it relates to recruiting, why high demand talent is often less likely to maintain up-to-date public profiles, how activity on platforms like GitHub can reveal an impending career switch, the natural connection between predictive sourcing and candidate nurturing, the importance of relationship building, the issue of job-hopping, and the rise of remote work and its implications for tech recruiting.

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